It’s hard enough breaking into the industry as is. Today is a day to honor a special kind of independent artist on the rise: the mom.

K-Sway is both an exceptional lyricist as well as a fantastic mom! She makes all the time needs to be with family and on the road. Happy Mother’s Day, K-Sway! Keep up the great work, we’re extremely proud of you.

We asked K-Sway to us about herself:

“My name is Laketta Womack and I go by the name of K-sway. I’m an independent artist from St. Petersburg, Florida. I have been rapping a lil over 9 years now. Music is what I love to do and I have met some amazing artists along the way. There came a time that I wanted to give up because I had put so much money into it and nothing was working out, but I had to remember where my strength came from and who gave me my gift and the talent that I have. That’s my creator. He said that all things are possible through me. I’m a mother of 3: 2 boys, 1 girl; and a fabulous g-ma to 2 beautiful girls and 1 on the way and an awesome wife, so giving up is never an option. It’s a blessing to be able to share my music with different people over the world. I must keep going and I’ll sleep when I’m dead..until then I’m here still standing…K-sway…”

K-Sway has music streaming on Vybed Out Radio that you can also check out here: