Music consumers have shown that they prefer singles. And despite this, nearly 77, 000 albums were released last year. Instead of changing their approach to utilize this reality, many people on the market continued the status quo. I believe there are various reasons for this. The 1st reason is that artists believe they can make more money selling albums. The 2nd, is that advertising and sales procedures were built for the album system which makes it difficult to change. The 3rd reason is because artists think they’re supposed to produce albums as validation of their status or as a statement.

Single songs can be economically and artistically beneficial for labels and artists. There are 3 key rules to the successful implementation of the song based publish strategy: Every song is given a reasonable period of time to stand on its own. Every song receives its own distinctive marketing plan. No song is available before it’s promoted. After that there are unlimited ways to release the music. An artist may release a song each and every week, each and every month, each and every day, or each and every 3rd Monday. It does not even have to be uniform. It really doesn’t matter how a music is released, so long as the doctrine that every song is very important in its own way is embraced. Not only do consumers favor music in a single format, but all the outlets for music are focused on singles as well.