If you are a die-hard fan of Rap or Alternative Rock music, listen to Manni Mania’s new song ‘Initiation (Feat. Tro Danko) [Prod. By BricksOnDaBeat]’ on SoundCloud.

The new party anthem ‘Initiation’ is out by the passionate rapper Manni Mania. It has become a hit worldwide among the music lovers. It is trending on Soundcloud.

Even though so many artists are trying to mark their place in the music industry, no one can come close to Manni Mania. Hailing from the United States he is one of a kind artist. He’s out of the box thinking is what makes him stand out in the crowd. Unlike others, he has worked his way up to the top. As a multi-genre artist he is often experimenting with different styles and thus all his songs lack the monotony that other artists have issues with. He has his own production house titled Vybed Out Records. His passion for music never faded even through all the hard times in his life. He is an inspiration to us all.

His latest party track Initiation’ is one of a kind song. It will make you forget you’re surrounding making you grove to its beats. The song starts with its slow melody followed by flawless and intellectual lyrics and booming bass. His other tracks ‘Hostage’ ‘Therapy’ ‘The One’ etc are unique in their compositions. His songs are based on his current living situation and cover partying rap battling and ways through which he enlightens his mind and keeps on fighting his inner demons. He spreads the message of not giving up in life and to keep on fighting. Even though he is mainly a rapper with hip-hop in his background, he experiments with other styles such as alternative rock and alternative hip-hop as well.

The song falls under the genre of Alternative rock which is different from the mainstream Rock music though it’s a style of Rock music. With the new song ‘Initiation (Feat. Tro Danko) [Prod. By BricksOnDaBeat]‘, let’s initiate the process of listening to Manni Mania’s Rap songs. This song is featuring Tro Danko and is produced by BricksOnDaBeat. Manni has taken this Rap music to a whole new level with the rhythmic chanting of words. He has crafted the song with unique and expressive lyrics. With the anticipation in the sound, the ambiance gets filled up with a positive vibe. The brand new concept and lyrics make it a surprising track to hear.

It is his humble personality that sets him apart from others. He maintains a humble relationship with his audience though he has received the much-wanted fame. He has active social media accounts on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and YouTube with a high fan following. No artist can come close to his dedication and hard work. He continues to motivate us all.

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