Paul Reed, born 1986, in Miami, Florida where he spent his earlier years before moving to Tallahassee where he resides now, began rapping in the 5th grade with his Uncle Zo. That’s when he realized that he wanted to become a rapper. As the years passed by names change, skills and wordplay improved but only friends and family was his audience well at least until his junior year at James S. Rickards High that’s when he met with a Devin Williams and dropped his first mixtape titled “The Masterpiece”. Although the quality of the sound was not its best, he had finally dropped his first Project but it definitely wouldn’t be the last one.

It was 2008 when Paul finally found a name and stuck with it…”DaBeast” was born! Towards the end of 2008, DaBeast began producing a music DVD called “Get Off” which is now on Vol.8 and has featured a variety of artist in Florida from Tallahassee to Jacksonville to Miami. After competing in local open mics and freestyle battles DaBeast has definitely made his mark in the North Florida Area. Swiftly attacking the social media sites with his promo and his label “VeryHighSociety”, DaBeast cannot be caged! After many mixtapes and features, the long-awaited Ep titled “ChroniclesOfABeast” was released mid-August 2015 which made his fanbase rise a great deal.

His music speaks for itself, and his energy is off the charts…He isn’t a Beast …He is DaBeast!