Are you guys like me? Do you say stuff to yourself that you would never say to another person you cared about on a regular basis?

I’m tired of it. I have spent almost the entirety of 28 years learning to listen to that voice in my mind that tells me I am not good at what I’m doing, I don’t belong where I am, I am less than others around me.

It’s something I’ve really struggled with lately. For me right now, when the shades of my self-loathing are drawn tight it becomes so dark that I don’t really have nice words or metaphors for that feeling.

Thankfully I also find the world giving me what I need at times even in spite of myself, and a friend who shares a lot of experiences and difficulties as far as mental well being was able to remind me of some things I needed to hear.

So this is my pledge and a reminder for myself- today I am working on learning to extend some of the love and understanding I have for others to myself, finally.

I love music and creating art of all kinds, and I want to learn to share more of the joy I can create for other people with it. I’m tired of being the person who ends up feeling like a figurative Giving Tree, freely availing myself of my precious resources in the name of love while forgetting that eventually I too run out of pieces of myself to give.

So stop shitting on yourself because someone else small used to or still does it to you. You rock and I want to hear you belt that shit 🙂

See you later alligators, stay positive 🤘🏻